What does your typical executive meeting really cost?

Are you spending your time on meetings or investing it?

Are your people leaving meetings feeling drained or energized?

How much would a professional facilitator increase the return on your meeting investment?

Benefits of Professional Meeting Facilitation

  • Meeting FacilitationEnhances brainstorming, creativity and collaboration.
  • Allows for executives to participate as peers as opposed to managers.
  • Maximizes involvement and participation from all attendees.
  • Maintains the agenda discipline to stay on-task
  • Develops a consensus for what actions need to be taken, who is responsible for achievement with target dates for completion.
  • Potential discovery of several new ideas, obstacles, solutions or strategies that would not otherwise surfaced without professional facilitation.
  • Enhanced commitment to the action plans developed.

ROI Reminder:

One additional new idea generated at a meeting can pay for a facilitator several times over.

Your Place or Ours?

We will travel to your office, your off-site retreat or…

tl-confOur boardroom caliber conference room in Deerfield, IL will accommodate up to 12 attendees and is equipped with HDTV monitor and portable flip charts and white boards. We are confidently accessible via I-294. Hotel accommodations at the Deerfield Hyatt and Embassy Suites are less than a mile from the office.

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