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Our 2005 sales were up 33% while our labor cost stayed constant.  That would not have happened without our Executive Leadership program.  – President, Metal Fabricator We just had the best month in the 10 year history of the company in sales, margin and profit.You have helped us to turn this company around.  Construction Products Company
The benefits far outweighed the cost in both money spent and time invested. 

–  President, Electronic Device Manufacturer

If we had done this ten years ago, I’d be in Colorado right now.

– Strategic Thinking and Business Planning Client

I’ve gotten out of the quagmire.

President: Automotive Accessories Co. & Executive Leadership Coaching Client

In our satisfaction surveys, our customers are consistently rating us at ten on a ten point scale. We are averaging 9.7!

– Customer Service Client

I can’t begin to tell you how helpful your insight was into the … mind of our overextended, grumpy (foreign owner). I believe without your careful coaching and positioning of the “important matters” we would have been unsuccessful in salvaging a very good and profitable business for everyone. Your outline approach and “high points” mechanisms allowed us to key into the real problems without putting anyone on the defensive thus…. having everyone leave the conference feeling as though they got what they wanted and no one got screwed. I have tried to conduct myself in a manner since that time of conflict in a less confrontational way and to be more sympathetic to their issues.

– US Division President, International Sporting Goods Manufacturer; Conflict Resolution Client

Thanks. I’m doing well in a bad economy. I’ve surpassed the goal of getting four new customers in a month. It’s hard to convince the customer of the advantages of using us. Most only look at the (price) when comparing riggers. But, there are some intelligent people out there. And when I find ‘em: I get ’em!

– Sales Development Client, Heavy Machinery Mover

Since completing the program, I find myself asking the question, “Am I making the most out of my time right now?”  Another thing that the program has done is to allow me to look at my failures as experiences to learn from.  It has given me a new “never give up” attitude toward everything I do. 

– Leadership Coaching Client

The most valuable part was learning and applying ways to help our prospects and not sell them. The ideas keep you positive and focused. Before completion, we were well on our way toward our goal of acquiring 10 new accounts by year end.  We now know it’s possible and what we need to do.

– Sales Development participants- Professional Services

It’s continuing to help me… I just got my best commission check in a long time, if not the best ever. Then I followed that up with another check the following week that’s added up to over $10,000 for just two weeks.

– Sales Coaching Client, Advertising Industry

(I’ve developed skills) that I would have never given a thought to before.I have changed my entire approach to my prospects. I am much better prepared and more effective.

– Vista Sales Development Participant

Now I understand! It’s not about money. It’s the vision.

–  facilitation moment of discovery about recruiting challenges

I don’t get angry like I used to.  –  Plant Manager
  • We didn’t know what we didn’t know.____________
  • … the class activities were awesome. 

– Executive Leadership Participants

I liked your style, which is why I chose to work with you.  I know of a few other management coaches that are too forceful and opinionated – telling you how to “fix” your business in the first 10 minutes with little or no historic knowledge.  I appreciated that you got to know me first and my issues before spouting advice.  I also like the little follow-up emails – some good items come across once you reflect upon our discussions.  And I liked how I could divert the conversation to current issues if need be.

– Information Technology Company President

Last summer, I took my family on a ten day vacation and for the first time, I never once called in to the office.  When I returned I found that there really were no problems that my people couldn’t handle.  I thank you for that.

– Business Owner and active Vista Development client

In these past weeks, I have used my mind more than I’ve probably used it in the past 5 years. Now I think about the future.____________ Thank you for helping me understand the value of my position, my family and my work.

– Supervisory Development Participants

I have never seen (my partner) so enthused about what we can accomplish with this business. I didn’t think that was possible.

– President, Electronics Company

Your presence and your skills helped us find that extra hour a day you promised. 

– Vista Time Strategies Participant

A initial meeting with Tom Lemanski is a highly beneficial experience that I recommend for any business owner.

– Automotive Consultant