Success in today’s complex global arena is challenging and the rules are changing. For an organization to compete, executive leaders will have to create an organizational culture in which everyone is challenged to seek innovative and improved methods of doing business. Leading today’s organization into tomorrow’s competitive arena will require teamwork, collaboration and speed.

Getting all your oars in the water rowing in the right direction.

  • How does Vista Executive Leadership Development help you achieve this?

  • You gain a deeper understanding of the right direction.
  • A process for developing the leadership in your organization required for enhanced execution.

The Vista Executive Development process establishes the foundation for getting to the next level, as you define it.  This foundation for peak performance is built by:

  • • Establishing a common sense of purpose, the essence of your service model.
  • • A compelling vision: A clear understanding of what your organization wants be when it grows up.
  • • Core Values: Establishing the conduct and culture required to achieve the vision.
  • • A framework for accountability and commitment is built into a system of cascading goals with in a process for measurable organizational achievement and continuous improvement.
  • • Improved criteria for problem solving and decision making.

 Which comes first? The vision or the leader?

The most compelling vision and brilliant strategy can quickly falter under weak leadership. History has proven that people must first buy-in to their leadership before they will embrace the vision.

Alignment of Strategy, People and Processes An organization can rise no higher than it’s level of leadership competence. The Vista Executive Development process builds leadership behaviors, soft skills and focus to guide and inspire peak organizational performance. You leadership is developed in support of your strategy.

The Results Are Measurable

Vista Executive Leadership provides a personal development experience designed to elevate participants focus and ability to produce measurable results. The process has led to six figure bottom line improvements when the concepts are implemented. Depending on the needs of the organization, client report improvements in…

  • Increased Market Share
  • Maximized return on human capital
  • Increased Shareholder Earnings
  • A strengthened focus on attracting, servicing and retaining customers.
  • Improved Employee Contributions to results.
  • Refined strategic direction
  • Developed and sustained corporate values
  • A renewed sense of organizational purpose

Key Areas of the Vista Executive Development Process

  • Values Based Leadership
  • Creating a Compelling Vision
  • Communicating the Vision
  • Leading During Times of Change
  • Alignment
  • Creating Balance
  • The Principals of Successful Planning
  • Strategies for Positive Growth
  • Leadership Responsibility
  • The Leadership Roles
  • Collaborating for Results
  • Obstacles to Successful Collaboration
  • Creating Winning Teams
  • Team Competency
  • Understanding What Motivates People
  • Developing Peak Performers
  • Developing Trust

The Vista Executive Leadership Development process is customized to be delivered in a variety of formats:

  • Facilitated workshops with the management team
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching, either:
    • in person,
    • via video conference
    • telephone.