Strategic Planning

Facilitated Strategic Thinking and Business Planning

Vista Strategic Thinking and Business Planning is a facilitated business planning process designed to assure committed execution. Simply put, every member of your organization should build a commitment to his/her contribution to the organization’s vision.

 How is the Vista Strategic Planning Process Different?

The foundation of a peak performing organization must run deeper than Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT). The Vista Planning Process defines the heart and conscience of your organization to more effectively capture and articulate the essence of your service model and value proposition. As a result, you more effectively attract and maintain more “customers”.

  • Developing a common sense of purpose, an often ignored cornerstone, separates good organizations from the peak performing ones.
  • Establishing your core values defines the behavior and culture necessary for achievement and success in execution.
  • Use of the word mission strikes frustration into the hearts of all too many weary, calloused workers. With the Vista Planning Process, your mission is attainable, challenging and easily understood.
  • Implementation of your strategy is simplified with an action plan to using a proven goal achievement system that defines who will be doing what, by when.
  • Unlike consultants who take the money and run, we follow- up on the plans that we facilitate for three quarters to help assure sustained goal achievement.

A Proven Process

Vista Strategic Thinking & Business Planning is an organizational development process for entities that need to refocus for the future. Starting with why are we in business, to what business we are in, to what type of organization we are trying to build, to examining the markets of today and tomorrow, and then working through complete sales, marketing, and financial plans, a thorough map for success will be drawn and implemented. We implement as we go so that planning and review becomes a continuous process in the organization.

We deliver highly measurable improved results. Our approach to positive change facilitates the development and control of attitudes that drive behaviors that provide improved results. We use a variety of tools over extended periods of time to create lasting improvement. Our unique proposition is that we focus on making every project personalized to the needs of each person involved, in alignment with the needs of their company or organization.


The Value of an Outside Facilitator

For those considering creating their plan without a professional value-added facilitator:

Trying to do your own strategic planning is like a dentist trying to drill his own teeth.

Key Areas of Facilitated Strategic Planning Process: