How many of the following apply to your organization?

Count the items that apply.  Check your diagnosis below.

  • Excessive time spent in meetings
  • Time management problems
  • Preponderance of consensus-driven decision making (i.e. a cover your tail mentality)
  • Reactive rather than proactive thinking
  • Lack of personal accountability
  • Micro-management
  • Time consuming and/or meaningless performance evaluations
  • Can’t-do attitudes
  • Communication problems
  • Chronically sagging sales
  • Difficulty terminating poor performers
  • Unproductive teams and/or ineffective teamwork
  • Misalignment/lack of coordinated effort
  • Duplication of effort
  • Personality conflicts and/or power struggles
  • High staff turnover
  • Difficulty keeping employees motivated
  • Failure to achieve quality standards
  • Unacceptable or failed results
  • Fear of making decisions

Interpretation Of Results

How Many Apply to You?  Get your diagnosis.

Zero:  Extremely Healthy
1 to 2: You may need a leadership tune-up
3 to 5: There is real cause for concern
6 or more:  You need immediate intervention

Feel Free to connect with us by clicking the red button below.  We’ll be happy to discuss options for your situation.

Organizational Leadership

Fail Safe Leadership CoverWhen working to develop the leadership in organizations, departments, groups or teams: we engage clients at the top levels to assist in formulating a strategic plan and, where appropriate, develop core values to drive that plan to completion. Then we help design and implement the Vista Development processes necessary to tap the power within your company to help move from strategic plan to action to results. Finally, we follow through to ensure that these processes are institutionalized throughout your organization in order to achieve the vision and sustain your company’s success over time.

Temperature Test extracted from Fail-Save Leadership by Linda L. Martin & Dr. David Mutchler

The book, Fail-Save Leadership, provides in-depth look at  the role of  leadership in aligning  your people to your plan.  The book is available from Vista Development through a special arrangement with the authors. >> Learn More >>.


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